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Rio Grande Salado Railroad RGS
The Rio Grande Salado Railroad is a 3-year old G-scale outdoor railroad featuring both diesel and steam locomotives. It has 300 ft of track in a large oval, 12 turnouts, and a wye in the middle to change a train's direction
Ted Sr.'s Raised Railroad
Ted Sr.’s Raised Railroad a unique garden railroad in several ways. First, it actually winds through a beautiful garden around the perimeter of his yard. However, the most striking feature is that the railroad is elevated 3-feet above the ground on steel pipes!
The SC&G Dry Creek Railroad
The SC&G Railroad a 5-year old garden railroad modeled after a branch line of the Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad, who’s mainline ran from Galveston to Denver and Kansas City. The “L” shaped railroad measures 4’ x 40’ on one side and 12.5’ x 44’ on the other. It is a point-to-point design with 3 passing sidings, an interchange yard, and about 15 industrial sidings.
The BJ&C Railroad
The BJ&C Railroad is a G-gauge garden railroad built on the side of a hill that wraps around a gazebo to provide an excellent viewing platform. The railroad operates on 3 tracks. The lower track is 94-ft. long, semi-figure 8, with one loop going through an 8 ft. tunnel cut through solid rock. The second track is 118-ft. long dog bone with a double crossover in the middle.
The Cypress Canyon Railroad
Begun in 2005, this backyard, garden railroad occupies a space over 70-ft long by 45-ft wide. The railroad is designed as a point-to-point with 2 wyes on the same end. There is over 325 ft of track, comprised of approximately 160 feet of main line, a 75-foot branch line, 30 feet of local service, 19 turnouts, and 72 feet of spur tracks.
The Central of Georgia Railroad
The Central of Georgia Railroad is built around beautiful waterfall and 60-foot stream with a picnic area in the middle of the layout. The railroad has over 200-ft. of track and crosses the stream three times. It has two passing sidings and two loops: an outer loop 85-ft. long and an inner loop that is 60-ft. long.
The Olde Thyme Railroad
The Olde Thyme Railroad features approximately 400 feet of “G” gauge track on three track powered loops, a pond with waterfall, tunnels, bridges, and over thirty buildings in an early Americana theme. New additions to the railroad include a third exterior loop and small yard.
SAGRES operates the largest outdoor, publicly available, "G" gauge railroading complex in the state of Texas. They actually operate three different G-scale layouts at the museum. SAGRES currently runs trains on no less than five active loops at their popular site which occupies over an acre.
The Texas Transportation Museum
The Texas Transportation Museum has made an exciting special offer for attendees of Spring Bloom. See the Tour Guide for more information.
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